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Part 1)

working with Lightroom catalogs

What you need to to be able to start working and select photos:

  • Create a Lightroom catalog on your computer;
  • Add photos to it;
  • Make sure that you have activated plugin Library;


  • In Lightroom, go to menu Edit-> Catalog Settings

  • Then go to the tab «File Handling»;

  • You must choose the quality of the preview in the «Standard Preview Size». The higher the quality of the rendering in this paragraph, the stronger you’ll be able to zoom in the annex and the higher the quality of the photos themselves. Just want to note that the larger the size of the preview, the larger the size of the folder itself with these previews. Once you have chosen the resolution preview, you must click «OK»;

  • Next, you need to select all the photos and consistently pass on the Library menu-Previews-Build Standard-Sized Previews. You will begin to render your photos with the generation of thumbnails;

  • After render is complete, go to the folder with the catalog Lightroom. We are interested in the following points:
    • Lightroom Catalog-Name itself. lrcat (where Name is the name of your directory);
    • Folder thumbnails-Name renderer Previews. lrdata

  • Copy the directory and folder Preview on our Android-device either in the internal memory, or on a USB stick;
  • Open the program, it will automatically scan your device and find all the catalogs in Lightroom and displays them. Open the directory and select pictures;
  • After photos have been selected, you must copy the Directory Name. lrcat from your phone to your computer with the replacement of the original directory. When the preview folder is not needed, since it is not subject to change;
  • Open Lightroom on PC and begin to handle the photo tray;
  • If you have any questions contact will answer!

Part 2)

JPEG files or RAW + JPEG

OTGEverything is simple.

  • Plug the Flash drive or external drive by OTG cable
  • Choose PhotoPicker mode
  • Select photos (flags and ranking)

All changes are immediately in JPEG and XMP files.

If you photographing only in JPEG, Lightroom takes change (flags and ranking) of the properties of JPEG files. If you are photographing in RAW + JPEG then Ligthroom take RAW properties from the same XMP file.

With this new feature you can use to export the selected photos to Capture One

Ready to respond to all questions in social networks or email support@lrpicker.com

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